HTTP Request Flow Action

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I know that other users have requested web hooks, but I’d like to take it a step further.

I propose adding a new Flow action called “HTTP Request”. This would send data to an external API, then receive a response from the API and update the client record with the received data. To configure the action, you’d enter the URL you want to call, along with the fields you want to pass to the URL.

The action would submit the HTTP request, either as a GET, POST or JSON POST (configurable). It would then receive the response as a JSON object and update the client record with the data contained in the JSON object.

For example, suppose you want to link a SuiteDash client record to a corresponding client record in an external database. The purpose would be to allow the client to view data from the external database on a custom page within his SuiteDash portal.

With this Flow action, we could submit an “Add Client” request to the external application. The external application would create the client record and pass back the customer ID and a secret key in the response JSON. These would be stored in custom fields in the client record.

In the custom portal page, we’d add an iFrame that uses Dynamic Data Placeholders to insert the customer ID and secret key for that client into the iFrame URL query string. This would then log the user into the external application and display the application inside the iFrame. Alternatively, you could use Javascript to render the external application directly to the portal page, without using an iFrame.

This would allow SuiteDash to integrate with any custom application, displaying the application in a SuiteDash portal page.

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