Custom Database Tables

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Currently, SuiteDash is limited to using only its predefined tables, like contacts, events, deals, invoices, etc… We can create custom fields within each table, but imagine the power of being able to create custom tables to store any type of data. This would be the ultimate in flexibility, as it would allow us to use SuiteDash to create industry-specific applications.

Custom tables would function similarly to the built-in tables, except all the fields would be custom fields, you could create as many custom tables as you want, and you could link them together using key fields. The data stored in custom tables would be visible to staff members via a tab in the CRM.

On the client side, we could specify which tables are visible to clients and SuiteDash would automatically create a page for each table, displaying the data in a grid format, with one row for each record. When a client clicks on a row, it would open the detailed view for that row either in a new page or in an overlay. We should be able to specify which fields will appear in the grid and which fields will appear in the detail view. We could optionally give clients the ability to edit their records , delete records, or create new records, either from within SuiteDash or from an external form or widget.

For example, suppose you’re a real estate agent and you have property listings on your website. Each listing could have a “Favorite” button that would be created by embed code generated by SuiteDash. When a user clicks on the Favorite button, it would automatically add the information for that property to his “My Properties” table in SuiteDash. If he doesn’t have a SuiteDash account, it would prompt him to create an account the first time he clicks on the button. He could then login to SuiteDash and view all the properties he favorited and remove any ones he no longer wants. Your staff members could receive notifications when clients favorite properties and view the properties each client has favorited.

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