Assign Custom Fields to Circles

3 months agoopen0

I’d like the ability to assign custom fields to Circles, so a custom field would only be visible in a client’s record if the client is a member of the circle assigned to the field. This would make it possible to use different custom fields for different types of clients, without fields cluttering up the client record when they’re not applicable to that client.

Additionally, I’d like to be able to associate a form with one or more Circles, so when a client submits a lead form for a specific service, it would automatically add the client to the Circle or Circles pertaining to that service. When adding custom fields to a form, it would only make available the generic custom fields plus any fields associated with the selected Circle. Any fields associated with other Circles would not show up in the custom field selection list.

For example, suppose you’re a real estate agent who handles both residential and commercial real estate. On the lead intake form, the data you need to collect for a residential client would be completely different from the data that you’d collect from a commercial client. In this example, we’d assign all the residential fields to one circle and all the commercial fields to a different circle. Then, we could create separate intake forms for each. When creating the form, we’d assign it to either the residential or commercial Circle and it would make available the fields corresponding to its assigned Circle. Finally, in residential client records, all the commercial fields would be hidden and vice versa.

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