Getting Started

Customize your Logo & Colors

Fully rebrand your SuiteDash environment to match your company styling with the wide range of settings available within the Custom Theme and Branded Environment settings. Everything from the menu colors, to text colors, to buttons, to the logo are completely customizable using the intuitive and easy-to-use menu.

Customize your Email Templates

Customization extends to automated email notifications as well, with colors, images, and even the optional social media links and copyright text in the footer all being customizable. Completely re-brand all automated system emails with your own company info and styling, ensuring every one of your staff and clients see exactly the branding you desire.

Create a New Client

Easily create and track individual Contacts (Leads, Prospects, and Clients), by creating them as users in CRM. This allows you to store information such as details and notes, as well as schedule items such as Events. Additionally, your Prospects and Clients can login to your SuiteDash to access assigned files, Projects and Tasks, Invoices, and more.

Create a New Event

Easily schedule follow-up actions related to Contacts, such as emails, phone calls, lunch meetings, and more with just a few clicks. Visibility can be set on an individual Event basis, ensuring only the staff you select will be able to access each Event that is created.

Create a New Teammate

Create your internal staff members as various roles, based on the access and permissions you want them to have. Roles are available from Admin, to Manager, to Teammate, allowing you to precisely control what resources each staff member has access to, and who can see what in each menu when logged-in.

Create a New Project

Organize clients, team members, tasks, files, and messages within a Project, all related to a single particular goal or job. Resources can be easily assigned to specific users, to ensure everyone is clear on their individual Project responsibilities. Email notifications related to Projects ensures everyone is always aware of actions happening in their particular area.

Create a New Task

Easily divide a Project into individual Tasks, and assign those Tasks to various users (both your internal staff and the Project’s assigned client). Everyone can quickly see their workload via the MyTasks menu, and Admins and Project Managers can have a “bird’s-eye view” of everything via the All Tasks menu.

Custom URL & Free SSL for Life

One of the most powerful features of SuiteDash is the ability to apply a Custom Domain to your dashboard. This allows you to mask the default “” URL, and use your own custom URL (EX: A Custom Domain is a great way to convey that extra layer of professionalism to your clients, and it is very easy to setup!

Customize your Login Page

Paired with the Custom Domain functionality, you can also easily re-brand your SuiteDash login page to match your company’s image. Options are available for implement your own logo, background image, color scheme, and other details (all the way down to the title text and favicon that appears on your browser tab), ensuring your staff and clients see only the branding you set.

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