Powerful CRM Sales Funnel Tool

Easily enter every lead, prospect, and client into the sales funnel, and schedule them for follow up ‘Events’ like emails, phone calls or sales calls with just a few clicks. You also have the option to create internal ‘Notes’ that can be private to only you, or be permissioned to your internal staff. Most importantly, you can easily bring over any of your CRM Contacts into other parts of your SuiteDash, including Project & Task Management, Estimates & Billing, File Sharing, and much more. Create a client once, and never have to duplicate or copy their information again!

Seamlessly Integrated CRM

Easily create your Contacts in CRM one time, and they will then be immediately available for assignment and integration into the other parts of your SuiteDash. By creating a Client once, you will be able to send that user a private message, assign them to Projects and Tasks, create Estimates and Invoices for them, send them files, and much more. SuiteDash has everything built right in!

Client Data Always Available

You will always have access to your Contact’s saved data, as long as they remain active users in your SuiteDash installation. No time-limited data storage, no expiration dates of users. As long as your SuiteDash subscription remains active, all of your CRM and user data will be easily accessible via the main admin menu. All of your client data is always at your fingertips!

Track Client History

Our ‘Story’ functionality allows you to view a full history of Notes, Goals, and Events related to a particular Contact, all laid out on an easy to read timeline. On the same page you are also able to view all of the general details for that Lead, Prospect, or Client, and you can easily edit any profile details (including custom fields you have created) from this same page. Easily view, research and modify a Contact’s full history and profile from one page!

Automated Engagement Tools

Whenever you create a new Contact within your SuiteDash CRM, you will have the option to automatically assign multiple templates and resources that will act as automatic follow-up engagement opportunities, with just a few clicks. Easily assign a new Client to an ‘Event Template’, which are pre-created and pre-scheduled actions that you create once and can apply to any new Contact as you desire. Integration with the Email Marketing functionality is also seamless, allowing you to add any new Contact to a Marketing ‘List’ during the intake process.

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