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    Keeping track of retainers
    1 year agoopen2
    The ability to sell a client a pre-paid package of hours/services/widgets, and then be able to have the work done on each project count against that retainer. And then to be able to see how many hours/services/widgets the client has remaining at any given time, on their dashboard.
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    Integration with Dropbox
    1 year agoopen0
    Under "Files", I'd really just like to have everything linked to our already-existing Dropbox Business account. As is stands now, we'd have to manually download every file, and then re-upload them to Dropbox.
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    Duplicate Tasks in Project Template Editor
    1 year agoopen0
    Add "duplicate" to the options menu for tasks. Currently, it's only "View", "Edit", and "Delete". I want to create a task, and then duplicate it up to 100 times within the project template-- I don't want to have to create each one manually!Even better if the names can increment - Taskname 1, Taskname 2, Taskname 3, etc, without having to manually put in that number.