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    Dynamic Fields for Roles and Name of pages
    11 months agoopen1
    In order to provide a full white-label experience, there should be the ability to change the name of roles (in order to fit many more different industries) the same way we can change the name of pages.Also, implementation of dynamic fields so that they match the name of the pages on the menu.For example, if I change the name menu from 'Projects' to 'Applications' or 'Estimates' to 'Quotes' the rest of the platform continues to use the native labels.Which can confide clients when the menu says one thing, but then notification emails and section has a different label.
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    Ability to add events to Client's calendar
    11 months agoopen0
    The ability for a client/prospect to see their calendar (without calendar settings menu, which just makes it confusing) and to be able to add an event or task for the client to see (not just the staff), for example, a contract renewal date, or a scheduled follow up.