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    Weekly Team Meetings
    3 months agoopen0
    We need to be able to set appointments with the team that recur weekly/monthly like meetings, performance reviews or mental health check ins with staff.Currently we can only add appointments with clients. And if we create meetings as tasks, we can't make them appear on the calendar weekly or assign to multiple team members.
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    Recurring Tasks on Calendar
    3 months agoopen0
    Currently when creating a recurring task, it only appears on the calendar on the last day the task is due. For example, if I have a recurring task for weekly updates every Monday over the next 5 weeks, it only displays on the calendar on the 5th week, not every Monday.It needs to appear on each day the task should recur so that the team member assigned can see it on their weekly calendar.
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    Color Code Calendar
    3 months agoopen0
    Color code the tasks on the calendar according to which project they belong to.This will be super useful for Project Managers.