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    Universal Date Format
    7 months agoopen0
    It would be great to have a date format that works for all countries. I work with international clients, so both dd-mm-yyyy and mm-dd-yyyy formats can create confusion and ambiguity to clients. For example, 07-08-2020 could mean 07 August to UK clients, and 08 July to US clients.What I really want is for the month to be spelled out, like 07-Aug-2020, which will be totally unambiguous for all countries.There is currently a 2020-08-07 format, which will do for me for now. But 07-Aug-2020 format would be ideal.
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    Notifications for clients
    7 months agoopen0
    At the moment, when a client logs into my portal, he/she does not see notifications on the bell icon at top right. I know clients do get email notifications, but I think being able to see all notifications from the bell (as well as via emails) will be a great feature.Let's say a client receives 5 notification emails, but not have the time to deal with them there and then. He/she can make a mental note that there are outstanding "stuff" to deal with. Then when logged in later, will only have to click the bell to see everything listed there, instead of having to remember what those 5 emails refer to.