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    Creating task for other teammates without the need to create a project
    9 months agoopen0
    I stated that you can only create a task for yourself if you don´t relate it with a project. Within an ongoing business there may be other tasks that you would like to delegate to a teammate but is not directly related to a job. I think to change this is not a big programming issue.
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    Overall search functionality
    9 months agoopen0
    It would be good if you could search in the main page. Right now you have to open the Files section or the My tasks section. This is not how it should work. Users should be able to search right away from the Dashboard.
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    Multilingual portal
    9 months agoopen0
    You can translate now the front office texts but they directly convert to the new language, there is no possibility to choose between two or even more languages. Of course the US market does not need more languages but in the European market you are not simply not competitive with monolingual customer portal.
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    Create job fees and invoices for providers too
    9 months agoopen0
    Having the possibility to create job fees/invoices for your freelance team would be a great feature too. Not only invoice to your customers but also get the incoming expenses or project related jobs done and made ready to process in your accounting tool.