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    Single Contact Link Multiple Companies
    4 months agoopen0
    I need to be able to link a single contact to multiple companies. I am using SuiteDash in Company First Mode as I have many clients that have multiple "accounts" with me. So I need to be able to create a separate company for each account and then assign the same contact(s) to each company. Therefore, multiple companies might have the same primary contact. I then need to be able to assign a flow to a specific company rather than a contact. Also, many times there are two contacts for one company. I need to assign an update form to a company so that either contact can complete the update form for the company. Hopefully there is a good workflow for all of this because this will make SuiteDash the perfect solution for my business.
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    Office 365 Integration
    9 months agoopen2
    It would be nice to be able to sync my calendar with my Office 365 calendar for the appointment scheduler.
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    Template for Recurring Tasks
    9 months agoopen0
    It would be awesome to be able to create recurring tasks when building a project template. That way tasks are already set to recur once the project has been created!
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    Zapier Triggers
    9 months agoopen0
    We need more Zapier triggers: 1. When a contact is updated 2. When a company is updated 3. When an invoice is created 4. When an estimate is createdWe need more Zapier actions: 1. Create an invoice 2. Create an estimate 3. Create an invoice payment
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    Desktop File Manager
    9 months agoopen0
    The ability to access files/folder on our desktop with a sync into the cloud environment. Similar to Dropbox. This way we do't have to download and re-upload each time we access a file.
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    Forms for Companies
    9 months agoopen0
    We need the ability to use update/intake forms for Companies.
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    Form Submissions PDF
    9 months agoopen0
    Be able to produce a PDF of a form submission. Could use a return to ask general tax questions and save as a workpaper.