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    Limit Start Page/Widget viewing times
    9 months agoopen0
    Custom start pages or widgets can be used as a way to communicate features or promotions for clients when they log in.We can limit the number of times they load for each client or circle. Example limit to 4x or stop on a specific date.Much like the feature update notifications, we receive from suitedash
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    Freshbooks Integration
    12 months agoopen0
    Have similar integration that is with Xero with Freshbooks.
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    Link/Embed form templates
    1 year agoopen0
    I created some custom styling for form fields, colors, custom css etc. Nice if we could create templates and apply them to future forms.I find myself copy and pasting a lot to make each form have the same custom look.
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    Accept coupon codes for subscriptions
    1 year agoopen0
    Recurring plans should have coupon code field when accepting payments. Recurring, or one time amounts or %