Affiliate Program

Help us spread the good word about SuiteDash!

Want to make money on a recurring monthly basis, just by posting some links or graphics on your blog or site?

The official guidelines are below, but the overview is that you would post an article, blog post or affiliate graphic on your website, exposing your site readers to the uses of SuiteDash. Included in the graphic or article would be your unique Affiliate Code. Then, a customer follows the links in your article to, uses your Affiliate Code during signup, upgrades to a paid license, and you get a monthly payout for as long as their subscription is active!

We are currently offering a 25% monthly payout for all Affiliate sales!

EXAMPLE: 10 customers use your Affiliate Code when they sign-up, and they all upgrade to Basic Licenses, for $9/month each. You would get 25% of each of those sales each month, or $2.25/month each, totaling $22.50/month in your pocket! And of course, this is just the minimum. The higher the license value that the customer upgrades to, the more money you will get. Here’s what the payouts would look like for each license level:


Customer Pays


Affiliate Payout



Customer Pays


Affiliate Payout



Customer Pays


Affiliate Payout



Customer Pays


Affiliate Payout


You can post as many or as few links and graphics as you like, and the more links/graphics you post, the more customers you bring in, the more sales we make, the more money you get! So, with just a few well placed links/graphics, you could find yourself making hundreds of extra dollars of recurring income per month.

How it Works

  1. To become an Affiliate, simply register using the Affiliate Registration Form ( LOCATED HERE ) There’s no approval process to register, so you can register and immediately begin posting content on your site.
  2. Following our guidelines below, you can begin posting articles and/or approved Affiliate graphics on your site. Double-check your work when you’re done, paying close attention to your links to, as well as making sure you have placed your correct Affiliate Code somewhere in the post or graphic.
  3. Once the post is live (and reviewed/approved by our Team if necessary – see Policies below), it will be eligible for Affiliate Payouts. When a customer is referred to, they enter your Affiliate Code during the registration process, and then they upgrade to a real paying license, our system will log the subscription under your Affiliate account. As long as the customer payment is successful, your Payout percentage will be listed as “Pending” in your Affiliate Panel.
  4. After the designated waiting period passes (with no customer refunds/cancellations occurring), “Pending” funds become “Available” funds, and you can use the “Request Money” button to request any/all “Available” funds be deposited into your PayPal account.


  1. If you decide to write an article or blog post, please contact the SuiteDash Team through our Help Desk so it can be reviewed and approved.
  2. All articles/posts should be ORIGINAL CONTENT. Please do not copy/paste from existing posts on our site, or from other blogs around the internet. Original work only please.
  3. All SEO should be “above board”, meaning no SEO “tricks” that may get the page delisted, such as cloaking, hidden links, article spinning, etc. All content should be well written, original, and make sense. Posts/articles should be written with the customer in mind, not the search engine.
  4. We reserve the right disapprove a post/article/site/graphic at anytime. Affiliate posts will be regularly monitored, and if a post/article/site/graphic violates our guidelines at ANY TIME, we will deactivate the Affiliate Code, and you will no longer get paid for any sales through your Affiliate Code!
  5. All affiliate banners or graphics should just have a straight link to (No coded affiliate link is required because your referred customers will use your unique Affiliate Code when they sign-up)
  6. Payout to PayPal accounts only. You must provide your proper PayPal email address as part of your registration.

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